Landi - Nebiolo Foundry, 1931-33
Available in lead: regular, light, light italic and bold, size from 6 to 36 pt
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Associazione Archivio Tipografico is an active and collaborative space for the preservation, the study and the practice of typographic arts.

The aims are to preserve, to keep alive and to reinvent in a contemporary way the craftsmanship knowledge for movable types composition and high quality letterpress printing.














Collection donors

The collection counts 9 printing presses in perfect working condition, and about 2000 font between wood, lead and plastic movable types. Plus: a Polar paper cutter, a precision milling machine, a plate machine, a stitcher machine and typographic tools of any kind.

- Tipografia Marchisio (main donor), Torino.  
- Scuola Grafica Salesiana, Torino. 
- Istituto Salesiano Bernardi Semeria, Colle Don Bosco. 
- Antica tipografia torinese, Torino. 
- Tipografia le Stelle, Torino.  
- Tipografia Caraffini, Saluzzo. 
- Tipografia Viano, Casa Bianca. 
- Tipografia Maula, Biella. 
- Tipografia Bonessa, Aosta. 
- Tipografia AGI, Torino. 
- Rota grafica, Beinasco. 
- Tipografia Noire, Torino. 
- Tipografia Grillo, Luserna San Giovanni. 
- Tipografia Bogliani, Torino. 
- Tipografia Amore, Gassino Torinese. 
- Tipografia Anrò, Torino. 
- Tipografia Fratelli Moglia, Torino. 
- Ideal Grafica, Pancalieri. 
- Tipografia Zappata, Torino. 
- Tipografia Arduini, Torino. 
- Grafica Palazzo, Torino.

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Supporters & friends

Renato Stella, Walter Bassino, Giuseppe Moscardini, Giovanni Defilippi, Giuseppe Di Franco, Renato Boglione, Domenico Borra, Gaetano Donato, Walter Bertolino, Piero De Macchi, Graziella Marchisio, Enrico Tallone.

Partners & Collaborators

Print About Me
Paolo Berra
Piri Piri Atelier
Bottega Fagnola
Museo Tipografia Salesiana di Don Bosco


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Associazione Archivio Tipografico organizes preliminary and advanced workshops on typography theory and letterpress printing practice. Subscribe to our newsletter using the form below to be informed on upcoming workshop and other activities.

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Associazione Archivio Tipografico was born during the early 2000s on the initiative of Emanuele Mensa. Initially as a collection solely of typographic machines, it continued also as a collection of movable type, thanks to the contagious passion of Enrico Tallone, who also suggested the name we still carry today.

Today it counts 2.000 fonts of lead, wood and plastic movable types, a variety of functioning printing presses including platens and flatbeds, and several typographic tools of every kind.

A time-suspended place with two main goals: to preserve the tradition of high quality letterpress printing and the craftsmanship of the graphic arts; and to be among the most important Italian active studio devoted to the “Letterpress Revival“ movement. 

It’s a collaborative working space, where new and old generation of printers, typographers and designers meet to develop artistic and commercial printing projects.